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The Artists



Silvia Nava, dancer and choreographer, is originally from Mexico. She has been performing flamenco in New York City and around the world for many years, and is a renowned member of the flamenco community. She also is founder of Feminine Leadership, a society devoted to training women and men for self-sufficiency in an enlightened society.


Klaus Jekeli was born in Germany, raised in the north country of New York State, and later traveled in other parts of the world. He practiced drawing and painting, before beginning to study flamenco dance around 1998. He has studied with Victorio Korjhan, Jose Molina, Omayra Amaya, and Dionisia Garcia and others. Besides dance he is devoted to flamenco song.


Ivan Max is a young guitarist who comes originally from the classical spanish guitar tradition and began playing and studying flamenco guitar as a natural next step in his earthy and soulful approach to his music. His family roots are in Eastern Europe, specifically Estonia where he has traveled and met his next to kin.