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Numina presents

“Versos de la Tierra”

Theatrical work: “Verses from the Earth”

“En una noche sin luceros
Mujer sacerdotisa fuiste iniciada,

Con el trueno y el relampago
Mujer fuiste llamada…” 

–Silvia Nava, Flamenco Lyrics “por Solea”

The Planet has become an instrument of the humans. Humans now claim it with all their artifacts and products, and earth is at their disposal. The earth left unrewarded, even the humans that harvest the crops for other humans are the most unrewarded humans. Versos de la Tierra are born of the earth and cherish the earth that nourishes all of us, she is the one we must never abandon. The poets on the side of earth have recited their chants in all societies in all time. Versos de la Tierra salutes the marvelous songs born of the earth.

Dancers and Actors:
Silvia Nava
Klaus Jekeli

Special Guest Artist:
Jorge Espinoza, harp


Next Performance:

Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 9 pm

at Espresso 77

located at 35-57 77th St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

(Just a few yards north of 37th Avenue and 77th Street in Jackson Heights. Take the E, F, 7, or R train to Jackson 74th Street, Jackson Heights)

$10 donation